Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*Happy Potion used-up*

I'm losing control of myself....

It's so ironic.. Only yesterday I said that I am learning to take it easy, now I'm being all MOODY... Like Moo~ ? Haha.. I used up my "Happy Potion"...

Gosh, too many things running in my head, dunno where to start from.. Guess gonna just keep it all inside - UNBLOGGED~

This week had been hectic.. Later at 8pm, another meeting to finis up my BUSINESS MANAGEMENT assignment... Gosh, I reli hate this course.. NO, I think I hate all the courses for this semester!!! It's all like wth am I studying bout??? Will I reli be using it later on? Duh.. No one noes, but then I still have to carry on...

Ahh, recently the school "no water" again...Haizz, bathing become another kind of stress.. You have to constantly worry wheter you will have water to bath later on... Stressedddd~~~

Hmm.. When will I see and feel a better day?

But I guess that's quite impossible for now...

*Stretch* I'm "smiling"...

*Hypnotize* I'm "happy"

At least that's what I can do for now... *Stand up and go isi water to bath*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

*Learning to Take it Easy*

I am learning...

Announcing to the world: I am learning.. to take it easy.. to stand up again from my failures.. to learn to come face-to-face with my problems.. All in all, to become a better person...

In the past, I took things too seriously.. Its not that its a bad habit, but sometimes, one should just learn to take it easy.. When u smile, the whole world smiles with u.. U feel good when u smile, instantly a bad day turns into a better day, so y not? SMILE!! =)

16/03/09... Its a meaningful day for me... It marks a new chapter of my life, a new start, a life here afresh for me... I learn to let go... To forgive and forget.. I am learning to stand on my own..

Ahh.. someone asked me to update my blog today.. Here's making up to my

I dunno wat I'm blogging about actly... Haha, no offence ya? Just dat I would like to tell the whole world that I am currently happy~ Ahh, more of a "Happy-Go-Lucky" type, but then, I guess its good for me...

Ahh, during this time period, maybe I can learn to find myself back.. Just
treat it as a therapy, for my stressed-out soul..

Hmm.. Kip smiling!! Aja aja... *winks

Saturday, March 14, 2009

*Tired* Wants *Sundae*

I am tired...

Seriously, I am tired~ Tired of trying but then no one sees it.. Tired of believing that there is hope for us.. I am TIRED~

Haizz, heard from a friend that today was supposed to be the "bai se qing ren jie" or White Valentine. Its actly a day when couples make up for each other on things that they were not able to get done with during the last valentine's day on 14 Feb.

Sadly, I spend the whole day today alone, without him... How ironic... Even more sad, he 4gotten this day..

Can't help it, he's busy, what can I do rite?

Mayb dats y I'm feeling so tired today.... I'm tired on pinning my hopes on him to change... Cos it's reli true what they say.. Somethings changed can never b unchanged... Gosh, I'm going EMO again...

But then I think, if all of this is going to end again, I am ready for it this time... No more emo-ing, no more tears~~ (Like J&J baby bath.. Muahahahahaha)

Haizzz... I reli wish that the school can extend the curfew hours and let us come bek as we please and go out as we please, then mayb now i at McD d.. At least I can eat the sundae to cheer me up, rite?

Oh, I wanna eat the vanilla Sundae!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~TAggED.. AGN~

Ok.. I'm tagged by Rachel.. Haha... Sorry ya.. Now only can answer u.. My streamyx prob.. Anyway:

The RULES are:*They have to be real.... nothing made up!*If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use a different one.*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.*TAG 5 more friends to do it....

The Initial - C for Carol

1. What is your name : Caroline Tan

2. A four Letter Word : Care

3. A boy's Name : Ceaser

4. A girl's Name : Cathyrine

5. An occupation : Caretaker

6. A colour : Corn's yellow?

7. Something you'll wear : Casual but Cool outfit

8. A Food : Cheese

9. Something found in the bathroom : Clearasil Facial wash?

10. A place : Country-side

11. A reason for being late : C-ing movie just now

12. Something you'd shout : Cis!! Y these question so hard to answer one??

13. A movie title : Casablanca

14. Something you drink : Cafe Latte

15. A musical group : Click-Five

16. An animal : Cow

17. A street name : Chow Kit road

18. A type of car : Civic

19. The title of a song : Crush (by Mandy Moore)

At Last I've finish it.. Now I'm tagging...


Mr. Chin Kah Arng



Poh Chie

~TAgGeD By Ms.Bean~

1. Carol's ex boy/girl-friend(s): Uhh... I dunno his real name (it's da truth~)

2. Carol is listenin' to: Songs from Click-Five.. Now its "The lion sleeps tonight"... XD

3. Maybe Carol Shud:Find ways to fatten herself up~~

4. Carol like to learn: Drum.. Its cool..

5. Carol's BestFriend:Haha.. one word - UNCOUNTABLE

6. Carol dont understand:Why she can't get fat.. ):

7. Carol lost:Lost??? She "NEVER" get lost... hor???

8. Many people said Carol kawaii: Wahahahahaha..... dun ke ke... got rite??

9. Carol's living in a place called: Pearl of Borneo.. Dun play play r.. got UK here u noe??? U pernah go b4 meh??

10. The meaning of Carol real name:Wahahaha.. I seriously dunno...

11. Love is:To sacrifice without asking for returns... ;)

12. The meaning of 'Forever':It's written in the spelling - "FOR" + "EVER"... try figure it out ba...

13. Carol will try:to concentrate... "MAli MalIhommm"....

14. Carol''s HP:Black colour one.. can take nice pic one..

15.Carol very annoyed:When someone steps on her bed... Truly get mad at this one...

16.Whenever Carol Wakeup from sleep:Resets her alarm every 9 mins.. so she can sleep longer.. Wahahaha...

17.Party is:Got many ppl one.... then oso got balloons.. and NICE FOOD... yeah~

18.The cutest animal:Hamster~~ But they stink.. **Sigh

19.Carol's best age:?? Dunno... I enjoy every age i thk... XD..

20.Carol's felt tension today:What to eat tonite? wanna pah toh o not?? haizz.. he no time agn..

21.Tonite, Carol will:Sleeps cukup beaucoup~~ hu hu~~

22.When Carol look at herself in the mirror this morning:Wah saii~~ It must be the mirror lah.. Not my face got prob.. Relaks.. Relakss...

23.Shopping Mall:Haizz... Only can window-shop.. Wen can I door-shop??

24.Fast food are usually:A place to hang out with frens.. Nothing nice to eat actly.. Just real "FAST FOOD"... Cehh...

25.Now... i'm going to tag: Miss Shannel Ooi...