Friday, September 25, 2009

= McDonald's COCA COLA Contour Glass =

I just came back from McD and I just got myself a pink COCA COLA contour glass~

Here's my new darling:

Darling's still in the box

Darling without box

Hoho.. Can't wait to rasmikan my new darling now.. Hahaha...

You can get this limited edition COCA COLA contour glass with purchase of any McDonald's large set plus a mouth-watering sundae... HoHo... You get to eat the sundae which comes in two flavors (strawberry and chocolate) and get this nice darling for FREE~~ Mine is named as "Pink the Sparks".. They come in lots of other colors: Green, Blue, Lime, Purple and Charcoal.. There's even a clear one... XD

So, what are you guys waiting for?? Hurry up and collect all 7 today~~ (Promo for the glass, wahahahaha...)

Just happy cause I get to eat McD just now.. Together with the ayam goreng and cold COKE~~ And also the French Fries.. Huu~~

I think that's about it for now.. Just wanna show off my new darling..

p/s: doudou, jangan jeles~~ XD

Thursday, September 24, 2009

-Of Cheese Cake Craves-

I actually turned of my laptop in frustruation like 10 minutes ago.. And here I am re-opening it and blogging so late past midnite... Haizz.. today whole day waste in front of laptop, hoping to finish another of my assignments, but yet i gave up just now.. Damn~ I reli reli hate looking for journals and completing literature reviews.. It is just so F***ing hard to find the correct one, the one we truly need for doing the literature review.. Haizzz..

Gosh, I'm so stressed out right now that I suddenly wan to write this post about my crave for the SECRET RECIPE cheese cake now.. Haizz... I am already fantasizing about the marble cheese cake, the choc cheese cake and also the cappucino one.. And while enjoying these, how nice it is if there's also a cup of hot chocolate... Gosh, feels like heaven if these can reli happen now.. T_T

Haizzz... I'm not lazee.. I reli do wan to finish my assignments quickly, but y isit just so damn hard to find the materials.. Y????? Gosh!!!!

I hate the feeling of waking up to assignments EVERYDAY!! Its reli tiring! I dun even get to sleep well!!! To ask me to just simply do my assignments even when I noe i dun have enough material is simply out of the question! Its against my principle!! Haizz.. Damn!

From the moment I wake up today, I faced my laptop without even having breakfast first... There were only oats for lunch, even that is taken while still facing the laptop! Then the hours just past like that!! Gosh!!!! The journals seems forever to find! Nothing on the topic that I was supposed to review about!!!!!!! Arrrgghh!!! I realized thatI kept scratching my head from just now.. I think all my already-thin-enough hair is gonna fall off if this continue.. Haizzz.. FRUST-FRUST-FRUST!!

I cnt get to sleep.. How am I supposed to sleep when whenever I close my eyes, I see assignments piled up???


**I reli wish to have a slice of the SECRET RECIPE cheese cake now**


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

-Hopeless Me-

Its funny.. But I suddenly wanted to write a post which I dun even noe what to name as...

I just suddenly tot that I reli missed the past... How nice it is if I can just go bek to being the simple me... I noe changes are good for me, but its like I dunno me anymore... Life seems so superficial, I seemed so FAKE... Is it really that way, or I'm just thking to much?..

Gosh, must be the result of my insomnia...

Anyway, I had a much better sleep yest thanks to Talka-Dou-Dou and oso My crazeee roomate... We actually sang nursery rhymes in the wee hours, past midnite.. Yup, u heard that right, NURSERY RHYMES!!! Together with the dance.. So miss the stupid old me in kindergarden... XD

i actually relieved those days yesterday, a pity we din took any pics.. So So so so so DAMN Fun~~ U guys should try it too when u're stressed out..

Haha, we did the 10 lil indians, the hokey pokey, the finger song ( in which we actually pointed the middle finger JUST LIKE THAT.. ) was so00 FUN!!.. Oh, and u guys should also try the "If u're happy" song... haha... (remember the Gatsby ad?) XD.. anyway, it was just FUN.. dunno how to describe it, but I reli will miss yesterday.. =)

Gosh, dun think I will ever have a another chance like that ever again..

I'm dizzying over Internships now.. Gosh, how am I ever gonna step into the outside world, in the name of INTERNSHIP, if I dun even noe what I can really offer?

**Crossing my fingers so that my future bosses wouldn't jump upon this post**

Anyway, hope I do get a great company to gain enough exp... **Winks**

Arghhh, so Damn hungry now... Its so ironic u noe, that when our Muslims counterpart were fasting, we're the ones busy looking all over for foods at the Bazaar Ramadhan.. And now when they're all back home, Raya-ing, we're the ones "FASTING".. (cos all the cafe's in sch isn't opened, and town is far away).. Gosh... T_T

Haizz... k la... I think that's all I want to say for today.. In the mean time, I reli hope someone will hand-deliver food to my door... XD

**Hungry** T_T

Monday, September 21, 2009

~Origins of my Insomnia~

What is LOVE? If he takes care of you and you are able to do the same for him; or you do things for him/ her without asking anything in return, then this is LOVE? Its complicated...

I read somewhere just now in a website that heartbroken is "an excruciating pain, that hurts like H***, but then you can't find any wounds on you, just PAIN... There isn't even any known cure for it..

I'm supposed to be finishing my 7 assignments, and yet I haven even fully completed one by today.. I have only 7 days left of my holidays, will I survive? T_T

Geez, I reli am stressed out now... All these things.. No one to turn to, No shoulder to cry on.. Nothing..

I dun even noe where to start talking about how I ended up so miserably today, it just happen.. POOF!! Just like that... Haizzz...

Headache... Heartache.... Depressed.. ====> Insomnia as the result..

Guess I just have to pull myself together and go thru all this..

It will be over soon, I know... Just have to brace myself...

Aja Aja!!! Y(^o^)Y