Saturday, October 25, 2008

V(^_^)V : Cute~~ Kawaii~~~

Hey guys
I came acroos this cool site that offers flash when I was busy viewing my fren's frienster's testi.. OMG,they're so cute, and funny too~~ Go chck it out~ Here's one of the flash that I downloaded.... Enjoy it~ XD

Want one? Go to

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DouDou......This one's for u~~

Dear all....

My fren, DouDou ooo.... I wan to tell u guys sumthg bout her la.... Haha, she is a fren who i met in the Uni la.. Haha, u guys noe wat????? At first o, wen i saw her, i tot she was a very stern gurl, quite serious looking too.... But u noe wat??? wen i knew her more n more each day, I found out that she had gone berserk!!! Wakakakaka.. She is quite a "chi tun" gurl.. Hahaha.. Also silly at all times, but sumtimes, wen her angin laut datang, BEWARE!!! At that time, even her looks is enuf to send u the shivers~~ Yaya, so scary is her... BUt.. One thing for sure is that, I feel reli lucky to have met her and also another one of my best fren - Yean, wic I will tell abt later..... hehe.... She's a great person to be with, well mayb cos she is silly, so it's quite relaxing wen u tok to her.. Haha..... Oh yes~ She is also an indispensable fren, u guys noe y??? Cos... wen u're in a bad mud, her silliness alone can make u laugh to tears.....

But... Her slliness can actually be passed on u noe??? In fact, I am also ady 89% silly, thks to her.. Needless to say, both her rumates is ady in very serious condition... haizzz... DouDou r... If u ever happen to read this, PLZ do sumthg to save ur rumates~~ hahahaha..... Anyway, despite her silliness, she is quite a charming person... Wen she is set to work, u will see that look of seriousness on her face... WAH~~~.... N, she is also a responsible person.... N I reli take my hat off seeing that she is quite talented in the technical stuffs... Haha, well those thgs that involve technologies la..... LOL.....

Lastly, I do hope that we can still kip in touch even aft we had graduated.. Cos I am sure that I will never meet sumone as silly as her agn.. HAHA... Reli gonna miss the times that we had here...XD

P/S: Dun marah yer~~ hehe.....

**this is a pic taken during the 1st sem.. It was a day b4 her birthday.. that time my face still so licin lo..... ='(

**This one is taken in the 2nd year, 1st sem lo... It was her 2nd birthday here... haha, those eggs, me n yean do one ley.... keke....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DIY masks for acne-treatments...

Attention Gurls,
Hmm, I think all us, gurls, hate to see that red bump on our faces right? I believe we all had our bad times before.. In fact, now, approximately at 4.37 pm, I'm having an acne that is currently developing at a strategic site, which is, just under my nostrils!! Ugh.... But hey, I believe that there is a solution to everything, right gurls?? Hmm, recently, one of my friends recommended that I try out home-made masks. Well he recommended me to try on the honey plus grinded oat mask. Well, he claimed that he tried it out for himself and got great, smooth, and clean skin... Hmmm, wonder if its true...What do you gurls think? Well, I searched the Internet, and I think this friend of mine is right. Hmmm, in this article, I will list down a few of those remedies which doesn't really needs you to spend a fortune.. Hey, remember gurls, there is no such thing as UGLY woman, only LAZY woman exists.. Get what I mean?? Gud luk gurls!! =)
First of all, these homemade masks uses the ingredients that we can find easily... Now, isn't that good news?? For examples, ingredients such as apples, oatmeal, honey, tomatoes and also alcohols...=)
  • Alcohols
    Hmm, these alcohols can have more uses other than for drinking, you know? The key to getting rid of acne is by lessening the amount of keeping oil which tends to build up on the skin. The best way is to always keep your skin clean. At least, you need to wash your face 2-3 times a day. However, too much washing will cause stress on your skin. So, don't overwash ya? Well, alcohol have a drying effect, which in turn will cause oils to evaporate and leaving your face extremely clean and dry. Notice that I mean "extremely"? Hmmm, so you should avoid using it more than once a day. Too much will cause skin irritation as the skin will be too dry. But, there is an exception though. If there is an acne cystic or pimple that is forming, you can dab just a small amount of alcohol on that area, about 2-3 times a day to try and stop the effects.
  • Oatmeal
    Well, remember my friend again? The guy that I mentioned just now? He mentioned oatmeal, didn't he? Well, this article that I found out from also stated that we can use oatmeal as a remedy mask for acne. The author suggested that we mix plain oatmeal with water until we obtain a thick paste. This mask should be placed and left on the face for about 15-20 minutes, before you rinse it. It needs to be done twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Perhaps, you can also try it with honey, I guess.. haha..
  • Apple and Honey
    Hmm, another similar paste can be made with groud up apple and honey. This mask should be worn for approximately 10 mins before being rinsed off.
  • Tomatoes
    Finally, another alternative is ground tomatoes, which is also for the use of reducing oil in the skin. Once these tomatoes are mashed up, you need to strain off the juice and put only the tomato mash on your face. It's for about 15-20 mins too. Then, rinse off.

Hmm, wow! What a discovery... Ok gurls, I'm rushing off to try these masks... Can't wait... See you guys soon!! Hope to hear comments too... Hope it helps... Cheers gurls!! =)